All The Weird Things Happen In Chinese Society

30Nov Please Do Not Vomit Into Urinal

The picture above was taken at Kuiyuan Restaurant, Hefang Street, Hangzhou. It means, “Dear customer, please do not vomit into the urinal.  (Please do it at the toilet bowl)  Thank you for your cooperation!” Source: u148

22Nov The First Woman Who Wears Bra in China

A brassiere, commonly known as bra, is a piece of clothing that covers, supports and elevates the breasts.  The bikini-like garments had been used by female athletes in the 1400s BC, and corset had dominated the undergarments between 1500s and 1800s.  The modern bra emerged by the early 1900s, and bras successfully replace corsets.  However […]

09Nov ‘Steel Monster’ Appears On Hangzhou Street Stylishly

On Nov 7, nine monster models made of abandoned spare parts appeared on Hangzhou streets.  The artist spent one and a half year to assemble the ‘steel monsters’.  Two of the earliest creations were sold at RMB 40,000. On the same day, it was the opening of the West Lake creative market at Longyou Road.  […]

09Nov Jolin Tsai’s Pole Dancing at Wuhan’s Concert

Jolin Tsai held her concert at Wuhan Xinhua Road Stadium yesterday.  She amazed Wuhan’s audience with visual and auditory effects.  Jolin changed eight different sexy outfits during the concert, these included tight gymnastic short skirt, luxurious palace dress, shiny evening dress, block and gold hip-hop outfit, etc.  The exotic dance with the high heels aroused […]

02Nov Shenzhen University’s DIY Dorm Room

Recently a post titled “Student from Shenzhen University Ultimate DIY Dormitory Modification” was spreading like wild fire on Chinese forums, and it gained a lot of hits and discussion.  A guy modified his 2 m x 0.9 m dormitory bed into a creative private space with three boards and a curtain. The dormitory bed consisted […]

02Nov ‘Bear Man’ Found At Shanghai Subway

On October 31, a bear appeared at Shanghai’s subway and it was wearing a face mask.  The ‘bear’ was about 1.8 metre tall.  When the reporter tried to take its photo, it shied away from the camera.  The appearance of the ‘bear’ did not scare anyone at the subway, but it attracted the passengers took […]