dead-child-in-the-wombDoctors diagnosed a woman was pregnant and this stunned them.  Pregnancy is a natural thing in women, but what stunned the doctors was the woman was 92-year-old and she had been pregnant for 60 years.

For your information, the unborn child carried by Huang Yijun from Huangjiaotan, southern China, was not Benjamin Button.  She was pregnant in 1948 and unfortunately the baby died in the womb.  She wanted to remove the dead baby but the doctors demanded for £100 at that time, which she couldn’t afford it.  So Huang walked away and ignored about the dead body in her body.  However the dead meat in her stomach did not slipped out from her butt, it still remained in the stomach until 60 years later, it hurt her stomach.  She went to hospital for a scan and the secret of dying baby in the womb was revealed.

Dr Liu Anbin at Qingshen hospital was amazed at what he saw.  It had never happen in his 40 years life of being doctor.  The medics were analyzing if Huang needs an operation to remove the baby so that the dead meat would not ‘kick’ and hurt the mother again.  Consultant Xu Xianming, director of the Obstetrics and Gynecology department at Qingshen hospital, said that a dead foetus would decay normally, so he was surprised to find out Huang can be as healthy as a bull.

Source: The Sun

The Italian Prince's Pregnant Bride: Billionaires' Brides, Pregnant by Their Princes... The Italian Prince’s Pregnant Bride: Billionaires’ Brides, Pregnant by Their Princes…

It was payday for Prince Nicolo Barbieri. The Italian aristocrat’s negotiations to take over Manhattan’s SCB bank were about to bear fruit. But he wasn’t expecting Aimee Black, granddaughter of the bank’s current owner– who was “pregnant with Nicolo’s baby “Nicolo felt duty bound to marry Aimee and give his child his name. But Aimee had other ideas about surrendering herself to this arrogant foreigner, who surely didn’t love her

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