During the Lunar New Year, an online forum moderator captured the video of a man stealing a mobile phone at Lin Fen City downtown area, Shanxi  and posted it online.

Lin Fen City police was then informed and caught the suspect on Feb 5, 2009.  The 30-year-old suspect was Hui from Xinglong County, Ningxia, and six other associates of him were arrested together.


During the trial, five suspects claimed that they had swallowed razor blades.  The police sent them to the hospital immediately for X-ray examination.  All five suspects’ X-rays showed that there were foreign item with the shape of a blade in the body.  The united acts of the suspects made the police suspicious of them, and after a sudden trial, one of the suspect Su told the police that there were two kinds of razor blades with them.  One was the shape one to be shown to the police, whereas the other was being processed.  The later one’s edge had been processed to be blunt and then wrapped with aluminium foil on the cigarette case.  They swallowed the processed blades and waiting for a chance to escape at the hospital.  Once they escaped successfully, they will eat a lot of bananas and Chinese chieves to excrete the blades in the stomach.


The above picture showed the blade excreted by Su.  All six suspects were detained by Lin Fen City police.

Su was demonstrating how he swallowed the blade.

Su was demonstrating how he swallowed the blade.

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