Carina Lau was born on December 8, 1965 at Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China.  At age 16, she moved to Hong Kong with her parents in 1980.  She later joined TVB artiste training classes.  Her performed in a drama “Police Cadet” and became popular in 1984.   In 1986, Carina Lau later starred in Jackie Chan’s “Naughty Boys” and became famous.  “Naughty Boys” was the first movie Carina starred.  Carina Lau later performed in many different genre films.  Many cosmetics and fashion products often recruited Carina Lau as endorsement Star.

Although Carina Lau had a strong career path, she was surrounded by a lot of negative news as well.  For example, in mid-2002, Hong Kong magazine “East Week” made a photo of a half nude actress as cover and the actress looked like Carina Lau.  Carina Lau later admitted the woman in the cover was her.

In 2007, Carina Lau received award as best female actress from Golden Rooster Hundred Flowers Award with the film “Curiosity Kills the Cat”.  Her spouse is Tony Leung Chiu Wai.

Chiling Lin (November 29, 1974 – ) was born in Taipei, Taiwan.  Chiling is a well-known model, host and actress.  She became the focus of attention in Taiwanese society with her sweet look and good body.  Taiwan media dubbed her as “Taiwan Top Supermodel” and the result of her fame brought changes to Taiwanese society, which Taiwanese scholars called it “Lin Chi-ling phenomenon”.

Chiling Lin made a surprise in one of the campaigns with her breasts sagged to navel.  The two breasts are high and low.

Athena Chu (October 25, 1971 – ) is a Hong Kong female actress and singer.  Her pulchritudinous body made her known as “Sexy Goddess”.  She dated with Stephen Chow before and her current boyfriend is Paul Wong (member of Beyond).

Diana Peng (November 10, 1972 – ) is a Hong Kong actress born in Changsha, Hunan, China.  She migrated to America to study while working.  She used to receive the titles of Miss Chinese American, Miss China and Miss Asian before she started her career in Hong Kong.  She starred in many exotic performances in her early career and was classified as porn star.  Diana was also known as “God of Wave” because of her superior body build.

Stephanie Siao (August 13, 1968 – ) is a well-known model and actress in Taiwan.  Her real name is Xiao Xiuxia.  She started her model career in 1989 and started her performance career in Taiwanese drama at the same time.  She became famous instantly after her showing in a lace tights advertisement.  She later broadened her career into movie, singing and writing.  Stephanie Siao received numerous awards related to beauty.  In 90s, she was coined as “Prettiest Taiwanese” by Taiwan media.

Cecelia Hsiao Shu-Shen (November 13, 1976 – ) is Taiwanese actress and singer.  She was caught taking drugs for the third time and known as “Taiwan’s Queen of Drug”.

Jessica Hester Hsuan (August 18, 1970 – ) is a famous Hong Kong actress and is contracted with TVB.  Her father named her Jessica and her mother named her Hester.  She studied at Hong Kong for elementary school and later sent to United Kingdom to continue her studies.  She graduated at Imperial College London, University of London.  In 1991, Jessica was signed as TVB artist and she performed in many popular Hong Kong dramas.

Cecilia Cheung (May 25, 1980 – ) is a Hong Kong actress and singer.  Her spouse is Nicholas Tse.

Li Xiang (February 10, 1976 -) is a well-known Chinese host.  She was born in Yueyang, Hunan.  Golden Microphone Awards awarded her for “Most Popular Host” Award for three times.

Gong Li (December 31, 1965 – ) was born in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, China.  She is a well-known movie actress and she is now Singaporean.  In 1985, she was admitted to the Central Theatre Academy.  In 1988, she worked with director Zhang Yimou in the movie “Red Sorghum” and gained her fame.  She is also a member of ninth and tenth CPPCC National Committee.


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