Barbie Hsu (Da S) was known as “Beauty Queen” in Taiwan.  However some observant people noticed Barbie’s Hsu chin was awkward.  The chin gave people a feeling of dropping down and very unnatural when looked from some angles.  This year’s Lunar New Year, Barbie Hsu recorded a video to wish ASOS International Fan Club Happy New Year.  Her chin moved unnaturally when she talked and even her fans said that it is hard to not notice the chin of beauty queen.

Barbie Hsu had never gain weight since she became celebrity.  However her chin became plump last year when she was starring with Louis Koo in the movie “Forbidden City Cop”.  Her starring in “Hot Summer Days” which is released this year raises the issue again.  Many people suspected how she got her double chin.

Due to unnaturally expression when talking and appearance of chin falling, many rumours are being circulated.  Some people suspected she took excessive botulinum injection.  Barbie Hsu said that beauty is part of professional ethics and she does not reject plastic surgery.

Source: Kwong Wah

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