Bubble tea is a beverage invented in Taiwan in 1980s.  Bubble tea is a sweetly flavored tea which contains fruit, fruit syrup and / or milk.  The tea also usually contains pearl tapioca (or known as boba) which gives the beverage the name of “pearl milk tea”.

Creative and innovative Taiwanese now use the beverage as soup base of hot pot at a restaurant in Taipei.  The restaurant, which has a strong buddhist ambience, uses bubble tea to cook the hot pot ingredients together.  The soup is cooked with tea leaves, fresh milk and home made sauce for 12 hours before serving.  The soup is milky in colour.  The “pearls” in this hot pot are not sweetly flavoured, but salty and soft.  It tastes just like salty soy milk cooked with the “pearls”.

Source: NOWnews

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