Rose Chan Ka-woon is a young Hong Kong actress born on November 8, 1992. When she was 19-years old, Rose Chan was molested by two drunken male Hong Kong celebrities, who are Benny Chan and Joe Ma.  In November 2011, Rose Chan celebrated a colleauge’s birthday.  Later part of the celebration, Benny Chan and Joe Ma started kissing and touched her breasts.  After the incident was reported, Benny Chan and his pregnant wife made a public apology to Rose Chan.


Viann is a model and actress who was born in Jiangsu province on March 28, 1987.  In China, Viann was entitled “No. 1 Football Baby in China” and “The Top Beauty of Online Game”.  In 2010, a masked man requested to hug Viann during a magazine autograph session.  Without second thought, Viann agreed.  The man suddenly touched her boobs, and Viann was shocked.  The security guard immediately stopped him, and successfully catched him on the spot.  Later, the masked man was diagnosed with mental illness.


Carina Lau Kar-ling is the wife of famous Chinese actor Tony Leung.  Carina Lau acted in the movie  “Let the Bullets Fly” directed by Jiang Wen and released in 2010.  In the movie, Jiang Wen, who acted as a robber, confessed to Carina Lau by saying, “You are my sister-in-law, but do not worry as I will treat you politely.”  After that, he touched Carina’s right breast, and continued the conversation for up to 50 seconds.  While Carina’s right breast was being touched, she remained steady.  (Also see Top 10 Chinese Female Celebrities with Saggy Breasts)


When Stephanie Siao entered the entertainment industry, she was very daring in dressing.  She usually wore deep V dresses attending various events.  In 2002, Stephanie Siao wanted to prove her “32 or 34D” breasts are real after an event, so she invited two reporters to test it.  She even asked the reporters “how was the touch?” and the response was “it is really real!”  Stephanie Siao regained her popularity after a nip slip incident in a China dance reality show in 2011.breast-squeezing-crystal-liu-yifei

Crystal Liu Yifei (August 25, 1987 – ) is an American Chinese who gained her fame and popularity through costume dramas.  In 2006, in the episode 12 of costume drama “Condor Hero”, Crystal Liu was thrown up and down as a cheer for winning an enemy.  If you have a sharp eye, you will notice a black hand appeared from the right arm of Crystal Liu molesting her right boob.  The hand disappeared in a second.  Crystal Liu did not make any comment on the breast touching incident.


Fan Bingbing was surrounded by reporters during a memorial service on October 26, 2008.  During the chaos, a reporter extended his hand and touched Bingbing’s breast.  Fan Bingbing was mad, and she kicked the reporter.breast-squeezing-cecilia-cheungIn August 2011, Cecilia Cheung attended two ribbon-cutting activities after signing the divorce agreement. Close to thousand people were attracted to the events, and a security guard tried to lead her out from the chaotic place.  While the security guard was opening route for a way out, his hand was on Cecilia’s breast.


Ada is one of the popular young and pretty TV anchor in China.  In August 2011, while she wan an emcee for an event in Beijing that showcased the talents of the candidates.  During the event, a candidate requested to hug Ada.  The candidate later touched Ada’s big breasts, and Ada awkwardly took his hand off.breast-squeezing-faye-wang

Faye Wong’s stylist TiTiKwan tweeted a intimating photo with Faye Wong on May 20, 2011.  In the photo, Faye Wong and TiTiKwan stick their heads together.  TiTiKwan was sitting behind Faye Wong, and hugged her from behind.  The photo clearly showed that TiTiKwan’s hand was pressing tightly on Faye Wong’s breasts.

Source: Sina

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