All The Weird Things Happen In Chinese Society

13Mar Four-year-old Girl Refuses to Have Afternoon Nap and Gets Punished to Knock Off the Teeth

Four-year-old girl Shan Shan from Sisi kindergarten, Tam Village, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, was afraid to go to school for the last couple of days.  According to the parents, they suspected that the teacher, Miss Lan, pushed Shan Shan towards the wall and accidentally knocked off her front teeth simply because she refused to have an […]

16Jan Crocodile Blood Spilled At Fuzhou Supermarket

A 1.5 meters, weighing about 32 kg adult crocodile was slaughtered at the square in front of one Fuzhou supermarket.  Three workers skinned and cut the crocodile for sale, and this attracted a large number of onlookers. The crocodile was tied and placed on the square in the morning.  The butcher chopped the crocodile into […]

30Oct 30-year-old Man Raped One-year-old Baby Girl

“The abused Alice’s (fake name) family members from Maoming are farmers.  The baby is only one-year-and-nine-month-old.  These two days she has been relying on ureter to live, and weakly lay on Guangzhou Children’s Hospital’s bed.  Her mom who always stays beside her bed closed her eyes occasionally. It all happened on Oct 27 at 9 […]

19Jul Badminton Racquet Into Frontal Bone

Frontal bone is one of the human strongest bones, but recently teacher Chen was hit by the badminton racquet when he was onlooking badminton training, and the racquet was inserted into his frontal bone for 2 centimeters in-dept.  It is found that the racquet hit the most fragile part of the frontal bone.  After three […]