All The Weird Things Happen In Chinese Society

03Jan McDonald’s Crew Turned Into Maids

On the first day of 2013 in Taiwan, a photo was circulated online featuring McDonald’s crew dressed in pink French maid costume.  Dressing in costume is not a custom of all McDonald’s restaurants in Taiwan, but only happened at a branch located at Dingshan, Kaohsiung on New Year’s Eve.  The crew will addressed customers as […]

13Jan High School Students Imitated Tarzan Yelling, Chimpanzee Angered and Smashed Windows

A group of high school students from central of Taiwan visited Shou Shan Zoo, Kaohsiung.  When they came to chimpanzee exhibition district, they imitated Tarzan actions and roared loudly.  The male chimpanzee in the cage was angered and threw stones at students, leading to the crack of enhanced windows.  The district was temporary closed because […]

07Feb Nurses Shoot Seducing Portraits For Marriage Seeking

A joint beauty clinic “Dr. Enherya” has branches at both Tainan and Kaohsiung, Taiwan.  Besides having the first Taiwan Superidol Gao Yaxin as their spokesman, the clinic thought of the idea of using fresh looking nurses and pretty doctors as their promotion tools.  They came out with the title of “Little Nurse Marriage-seeking” and “Hot […]

28Jan Lover Pulling Pubic Hair and Pee After Getting Drunk

A middle age single woman fell in love with Ken who was gentleman and good-looking.  She brought the man home to meet her family and everyone in the family had good impression on him.  However everything changed when Ken started drinking beer.  He invited her family members to the KTV after dinner.  When the ‘KTV […]

11Jan Continuously Harassing Wife of Other and Calls Her ‘Wife’

A beautician, Wong, from Kaohsiung city knew a man whose surname is Peng during work.  Wong is a 45-year-old beautician at Sanmin district.  Although she was over 40s, she still remained attractive.  Her body and look are maintained well, and this made her had a lot of admirers even at that age.  Peng called her […]

03Aug Erotic KTV Plays Pulling Pubic Hair To Attract Customers

A recently opened KTV at Kaohsiung city tried many ways to attract more customers.  Not only nude dance show was performed in the KTV, but also the sexual abuse game of pulling pubic hair.  The district police received a report and went to spot check on August 1 morning.  Two pubic hairs were found on […]

02Aug Wife Trembles When Husband Askes For Sex

A woman from Kaohsiung city cannot stand her husband for having strong desire, who wants to make love almost every day for 10 years.  Sometimes they make love four or five times per day, including the days when her period comes.  In May this year, she reported to the police requesting for domestic violence protection […]

15Jul Puppy Becomes Old Dog

A woman bought a Chihuahua from a Kaohsiung pet shop.  The shopkeeper told her that the dog was only one year old.  When she brought the Chihuahua home, she found found that it was walking in a strange way.  After examined by the vet, it was discovered that the dog had hernia due to excessive […]