All The Weird Things Happen In Chinese Society

30Oct Getting Out of Bed Distinguishes Male and Female

The following are interesting chinese illustrates showing the difference between male and female from getting out of bed. Left: Woman Right: Man Time to wake up. 1. Woman: Brushing teeth.  Man: Sleeping. 2. Woman: Washing face.  Man: Scratching 3. Woman: Toning lotion.  Man: Sleeping 4. Woman: Whitening.  Man: Turning the body. 5. Woman: Emulsion.  Man: […]

02Aug Wife Trembles When Husband Askes For Sex

A woman from Kaohsiung city cannot stand her husband for having strong desire, who wants to make love almost every day for 10 years.  Sometimes they make love four or five times per day, including the days when her period comes.  In May this year, she reported to the police requesting for domestic violence protection […]

11Jul Intense Sex Caused Vehicle Fell 50 meters down the valley

Taipei County fire department received a report on Wednesday from a lady, Gu, saying that she had car accident falling into the valley at Hsintien Moutain valley area with her boyfriend.  Firefighters searched the mountain but there was no result but discovered that one of them had already went to hospital and the othe one […]