All The Weird Things Happen In Chinese Society

27Jul Su An-Sheng Got Beaten For Kicking Chen Shui-bian’s Ass

Su An-Sheng, a member of Concentric Patriotism Association of R.O.C, kicked Chen Shui-bian in the ass several days ago.  He opened a press conference inviting anyone who were offended by what he had done for debate on July 25 at 2pm.  However at morning 9am, Su An-Sheng was followed and assaulted by two men right […]

27Jul [Video] Former Taiwan President Got Kicked In The Ass

A 65-year-old man kicked former Taiwan president Chen Shui-bian in the hip unexpectedly when he entered the Taipei District Court as a defendant in a defamation lawsuit related to the purchase of Lafayette frigates in 1990. Chen ended more than fifty years ruling of Kuomintang (KMT) in Taiwan and took office in 2000. In 2004, […]

21Jul Somebody Kicked Chen Shui-bian Ass

Taiwan former president Chen Shui-bian appeared in court today and he ass was kicked by someone when entering the court.  Su An-Sheng who kicked Chen was a member of ‘Concentric Patriotism Association of R.O.C‘.  Taipei City Police pointed out that the incident happened due to Chen didn’t use the original planned route and caused a […]