All The Weird Things Happen In Chinese Society

09Feb McDonald’s Bear Attacks Taipei

In Taiwan, McDonald’s Bear, which was only displayed in Taichung in January, is now appearing in three McDonald’s branches in Taipei.  The cute bear is believed to be the Ronald McDonald Bear.  The Ronald McDonald Bear is a limited edition teddy bear in the range of Beanie Babies in 2004. Source: ETtoday

31Jan Slapping TV and Crushed 2-Year-Old Baby to Death

The consequence of slapping the television was causing a boy crushed to death. Su was born when his mother was 35-year-old.  He was brought up by his grandmother.  Two-year-old Su was watching TV with his grandmother one night.  He was also playing with his grandmother and jumping on the sofa.  He flapped the television all […]

09Aug Four Bottles of Hydrochloride Sold For Four Thousand Bucks

This is a new method of frauding.  Criminals are taking advantages of shops that do not have surveillance camera.  While the boss was out, the criminal carried four bottles of cheap detergent to the staff and claimed that the boss ordered them.  Four bottles of detergent cost NT$ 4,000.  This had been happening in Taichung, […]

14Jul Singing Dog Becomes Clinic’s Selling Point

Did you ever see a singing dog?  Taichung famous physician Chen Weihua raises a Maltese named called ‘Sister’ which sings with Chen when he plays saxophone every day.  Many patients reach his clinic and request to listen to Sister singing before seeing the doctor.  The funny thing is that Sister will select songs to sing.  […]